Follow Function

I recieved a heads up about a new online design store called Follow Function which was started up by design enthusiasts, Steven Schranz & Jeff Benzenberg.

Though the web is quite abundant with design outlets, these guys really do have a genuine passion for what they carry.

"We decided last summer that the world needed an online store where people could purchase some of the most well designed products in existence while reading about the stories behind the designs.

We started out by researching products that were award-winning, then we found products that were designed to ship easily, then products that were eye-catching, and eventually we found a small amount of products that were all three.

These are the products we represent, and we are very proud of them. But we are not just about selling products. We also want to educate the public on just how much hard work and talent goes into designing an everyday object like a stool.

We want our products to become conversation pieces in your home, and thus making them very functional pieces of art".

The store is quite new as it was officially open for business this month.

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