it's tha Flavor !

Flavor Paper will make you look at wallpaper in a whole new light. Images of your Grandmothers floral patterned kitchen will surely be erased.

As quoted in their site.....

Flavor Paper produces unique vintage, contemporary and custom handscreened wallcoverings that will add a burst of flavor to any environment. Located in the Bywater District of New Orleans, our Flavor Lab uses only the highest quality water-based inks and grounds to create premium wallcoverings for retail, home and beyond.


rubber soul

I'm clearly a sucker for bright and bold colored product. But when the material is rubber as opposed to ceramic or porcelain, it's just that extra special.

Case in point is the line of rubber items from Assembly Bangkok. From a distance you think nothing of it until you get them in your hands.

You just want to keep touching them !!

Drew Sage Hunter

Canadian Artist Drew Sage Hunter has a solid collection of contemporary paintings. Images range from Canadiana to Star Wars to old Spaghetti westerns that all just somehow fit with one another.

"Art is an image to a story. Sometimes simple, other times with purpose".

Design for the Ears

As an added bonus to the usual design related items and events I plan to post on designbot, i'm going to also include the odd music review on some newer released albums.

First up will be Brit band, Editors.

Stay tuned !

Surfs up !

Anthony over at Land+Living led me to this online photography gallery for the surf scene called Localsurf. One in which he is a contributor to.

For the surfer, the idea behind is to be a directory of photography galleries covering your local surf scene. On any given day, photographers are hanging out at the beach and shooting photos - lots of photos. Some of them are shooting pictures of their bros while others are snapping photos of the local talent. So, our goal is to provide you with the resources to find that photographer who might’ve had you in their viewfinder today, yesterday, last week…whenever and wherever you saw that guy snapping photos.

Makes me realize how uncool I really am.

p e r k

I've been a fan of New York based Intoto for awhile. They just produce the cleanest design's like this porcelain coffee server set called Perk.

Edmonton Art Gallery

The past few months in edmonton has been filled with some serious design buzz with 4 proposals for the Alberta Gallery of Art. Submittals were from Randall Stout, Zaha Hadid, Arthur Erickson and Wil Aslop with Stout coming out on top. He had a good presentation and all, but i'm still a firm believer in Alsops. (shown here).

Check out the Art Galleries site for the other entries.


I had seen Karim Rashid at a lecture a couple of months ago and was left abit disapointed. I realized that I was more interested in the guy as opposed to his pieces.

Until I came accross the Kloud chair for Nienkamper. Just a simple, modest chair that actually looks comfortable to sit in.

My faith is renewed...for now.


Available soon.....

Zoltron, in affiliation with Mars-1 and Strangeco have teamed up to bring you latest edition of Mario Martinez's infamous Mars-1 Observer. The Orange/Blue Toxic Cleanup Observers are limited to 156 only. Each Sculpture is individually serial numbered. Unique colorway designed by Zoltron.

How cool is this thing ?


Happycolour is a collection of computer generated collages by Edmonton based artist, Rob Buttery.

As noted on the site..........

The objects he creates are informed by his environment, personal experiences and his keen sense of collage. His unique combinations of images from the everyday render new ways of seeing a little of the infinite beauty that surrounds us.

Great selection to pick through for magnets, frames and light boxes.


Kidrobot has this great line of figurines now available by Dalek called 'Ice-Bots'.

Ice-Bots are little critters that live in refrigerators. They hate it when it is warm, and love it when it is cold. In their houses they have little microwaves that cool things down, not heat them up. Blocks of ice come out of the showers in Ice-Bots bathrooms.

Apart from the Dunny series, this is sure to be a hit as well.


Sophie Cook

I came accross this great collection of ceramic vases from British artist, Sophie Cook, at the recent Calgary Interior Design show.

Though not really a useable vase due to the narrow necks, Sophie suggests arranging them as a still life and just enjoy them as they are.

Slick Cups

I'm an avid watcher of the Food Network Channel, but I can't cook to save my life. So for some reason I purchased these great measuring cups from the Nigella Lawson line.

Ahhhhh Nigella......

Shayne Dark

Greg Ball over at Mocoloco had a great posting on a sculpture he came accross in Toronto by an artist named Shayne Dark called "Into the Blue". Amazing piece that lead me to his website and this piece here called "Donnas Room" which was an instant eye catcher. It's all part of a series he's called 'Habitat'.

Serious Take Out !

SuperHappyBunny is a Los Angeles based design studio that seems to take on all avenues of design.

The Special #8 is a milky acrylic coffee table with an innerglow. It was originally produced as a limited run piece in 2001. Ya I know it's not a new product, but i've only recently discovered the group and am quite impressed with the variety of work they put out.

Love it or hate it.

This is an installation by Austrian art group, Gelatin.

A gigantic stuffed pink bunny left on the side of an Italian hillside for the next 20 years. I've had some fellow designers come up with valid points against this such as the eventual smell over time, vandalism, etc. But I can't help but smile everytime I see this.

Vinyl Will Kill !!

While researching stuff for a particular design project, I found myself getting hooked on the 'designer toy' culture which in turn led me to this fantastic guide called 'Vinyl Will Kill'.

It's a great scene to get into and is well worth looking into for any design buff.

thinkitem launched

So I launched my design site in late August called, Item.

Check it.


I've finally decided to join the blog revolution to pass along whatever design related things sparks my interest.

Enjoy !