Dalek Trucks

Perfect companion for the Dalek skate deck I posted awhile back is the limited edition DST X Dalek Spacemonkey Reconstruct.

Available at Destructo.

SNFU deck

Dumb luck indeed.....

For a lark I googled 'SNFU skate deck' and voila ! Surprisingly this limited edition number is still available over at Cal Skate.

It was one of those instances when the word "sold" pops out of your mouth as soon as you see it.

Maharam Match Game

Holly over at Decor8 posted this slick Maharam memory game which she came upon here.

"Drawing on the Maharam textile collection, the Maharam memory game by A4 Studio features illustrated renditions of textiles by design luminaries such as Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, Hella Jorgerius, Gio Ponti, and Paul Smith.

Printed on heavy card stock, the Maharam memory game is comprised of two sets of thirty-six cards."

Jaguar Skills

Great site from DJ Jaguar Skills who's playing off of an old tv series from 1975 called 'THE SUPER NINJAS HO'.

Try out the downloads, very cool.

UBS Mini Logo Deck

Being a fan of some of the amazing graphic applications on decks these days, I always hated the fact that they eventually get scrapped off over the course of a number of rides.

I think that's one of the reasons I like the new Mini Logo Decks from UBS. It's a simple deck with a very clean look that you won't have regrets about grinding on a curb.

Hot Link

The website for DG PH is a fantastic throwback to the days of the old NES. The animation is pretty fun to interact with and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even though UPS has screwed your entire wee.....sorry, still bitter about Edith.



England Away Kit 06

Umbro unveiled the new 2006 version of Englands away kit that will be used for this summers World Cup in Germany.

The new jersey is inspired by its 1966 World Cup winning team by featuring a three lions crest on the left hand side that is the same size as the one used on the '66 version.

More info and images can be seen here.

Rashid's Kit 24 House

People finally got a look at Karim Rashid 's Kit 24 Pre-Fab House at this past weekends Toronto IDS show with some mixed reviews.

Myself, i'm neither here nor there on it, but I did find a few elements pleasing to the eye like the staircase support seen here. Other than that it was your run of the mill Rashidism.

Via : Treehugger

The Jingi

Sculptor Yukinora Dehara's is having his first exhibition in San Francisco, and second show with Giant Robot from February 25th to March 22nd that's titled : The Jingi: Japanese Yakuza Spirit.

"From farmers, salary men, ghosts, gangsters and even killer vegetables, Dehara transforms these often absurd archetypes, into observations of Japanese and American society and pop culture. His clay sculptures are raw but detailed, painted with a precise and glossy aesthetic. They impart the subject's state of being, whether it's a subservient rice cooker, or a tortured Yakuza boss".

I get a kick out of the masked dude on the far left who seems happy just to be there.

Suzuki P.X. Concept

More images of the Suzuki P.X. Concept van from the CIAS.

via MSN


Chelsea Lamp

Nice way to start off the week with this great lamp from designer Nicolas Bouriette.

Via trucdesign.


Cardboard Sneakers

Strangeco is releasing designer Mark James' new line, Cardboard Sneakers:Series 1 sometime in April 2006.

A continuation of his Cardboard City work, the classic sneaker box package cleverly transforms into the head of the figure.

Check out more sneak peak images over at Cardboy.


All I know is that this artist goes by the name of Bigfoot and does some amazing shit. Well worth getting into.

For those interested and living in Boulder, Bigfoot will be showing work here. As well you can snag Bigfoot figures over at Strangeco.

SLAP Skate Magazine

Great photo from SLAP Skateboard Magazine of some skate action in Israel. Even if the skate scene isn't your thing, SLAP is a great resource for some great photos such as this that are easy to appreciate.


Though i'm not a well knowledgeable guy when it comes to the sneaker culture, I really liked the footwear over at IPATH, especially the LEARY that incorporates the skate groups logo.


Design outfit Orange 22 has an amazingly innovative shelf system named PULL that utilizes the power of a magnet.

"How does Pull work?
Pull. consists of a wall panel module that can be skinned with any material. For example; leather, suede, vinyl, laminates, real wood veneers, powder coat, full color printed graphics, wall paper, fabric, and on and on. Its truly unlimited.
Then choose from an existing offering of fixture elements that can individually hold up to 35lb pounds of product. We offer custom fixture design capabilities.
Then get creative and tell your story. No annoying grid to fight with, no visually obtrusive holes to distract from your product. It is simply beautiful. Just the way it should be."

Very cool.


Jose Gonzalez

While listening to KEXP online this morning, I heard an amazing cover of Massive Attack's classic, Teardrop in an acoustic format. The rendition is from an up and coming singer name Jose Gonzalez who had released his debut album Veneer just last year to some solid reviews.

You can download the mp3 here.

Thunderdog Studios

Nice graphics portfolio over at Brooklyn based Thunderdog Studios which is headed up by design director Lucas Irwin, a.k.a Filth.

I had an earlier post on an upcoming event with Filth here.


Blow Up Dolls (BUDS) are the flagship release from Urban Vinyl outfit, Jamungo. Series one will have a hefty run of 8000 units and will soon be followed up by blank versions. BUDS are 90mm tall and feature designs from Ferg, TVM and Kozik. You can also check out a slick animated skit here.

Available online at Fugitive Toys.


Grind King Bombers

Adding onto my post on the Toy Machine bearings packaging is the equally clever Grind King bombers. Again a product for a specific clientelle but still appealing to those outside of the skate realm.

Available here.


Well to take my mind off the Edith situation, I checked out MSN's continuing coverage of the CIAS and came accross this insanely over the top interior for a modified sports car (no model given).

There's enough electronics here to help stay focused on the driving experience and keep yourself from getting distracted from silly things such as watching the road.

Edith Sighting

Edith was spotted with this man at a Niagra Falls hotel this morning. If anyone has come accross Edith, please contact designBOT as soon as possible.

Just a reminder.....UPS sucks !!!!

ITEM does Toronto (hopefully)

ITEM is scheduled to make it's debut at this years Toronto IDS exhibit with the Edith Mailbox (Red version). The Globe and Mail is even set to include Edith in their big Saturday write-up on the show.

Problem is UPS has lost Edith !!! People have been yelled at, promises made and tears shed. So bottom line is that Edith is off on a joyride somewhere in Ontario.

Updates to come....stay tuned !




Straight from the runways of NYC Fashion Week, Kidrobot's Dunny sneakers will be released in all Kidrobot stores and online on March 2nd.

The sneakers will include "Grasshopper", designed by Kidrobot's own Paul Budnitz, and "Chocorange", by sneaker designer Bill McMullen. Chocorange is limited to 500 pairs and Grasshopper is limited to 300 pairs.



Taking foot fetish to a whole new X-games level, Vibram is set to release their new Spring product appropriately called FiveFingers.

Check out I.D.'s February issue for a detailed review.


I still shake my head to this day as to why undeclared was taken off the air after just one season and I know there's somone reading this right now saying "oh my god, I know !". Same goes with Judd Apatow's other masterpiece 'Freaks and Geeks' which ironically enough lasted a single season as well.

Thankfully with such a strong interest in television making it's way onto DVD, this college gem has a much deserved second wind.

More info on the DVD and the series can be found here.

Mazda Senku

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the headlights work on this concept by Mazda called Senku. The 4 seat coupe is currently on display at CIAS 2006.

Great looking car though. I especially like how they eliminated the hard line between the roof and windshield and opted for a nice, clean and continuous run.

tokidoki decks

Still with tokidoki, I just had to post these skate decks.

Cactus Friends

Cactus friends by tokidoki were designed in conjunction with urban vinyl stalwarts, Strangeco. Released back in November 2005, these gems have been selling quite well.

I wasn't too sure about posting them at first, but it was one of those things that when you see them enough times you really begin to appreciate the work that's gone into the design. Plus as with any vinyl product, the packaging graphics are tops again.


Some great chokers designed by Xenos Designs over at Pixelgirlshop.