Ten Bills T-Shirts

Brilliant line of Tee's at only $10 a pop via Ten Bills.

Boardeli Sneak Peak

A small peak into Boardeli's Summer release. Those that snag the UNKL release this weekend will be given first dibs when this new limited deck is released.


30 Days of Night

Got around to renting the 30 Days of Night DVD yesterday. I have to say that despite the mixed reviews, it really wasn't that bad at all. A definite weekender.

Toy Machine '08

I really can't say enough about these line of '08 decks from Toy Machine. The Jim Houser (far left) is a definite pick-up for me.


Yensen : Stormhammer

OK, so I have no clue about this release other than it's out of Chile. The only postings I found were in Spanish, so if anyone can help a brother out check here and here.


Fresh new design blog to check out.

UNKL Pre-sale

Pre-sale for the UNKL-Boardeli decks are happening March 1st at 4pm MST.

BUT there is a loophole if you are a member of the Kidrobot forum......


Kathie Olivas - Bittersweet

Kathie Olivas upcoming show at Gallery 1988 is shaping up to be quite the event. The online preview is nothing short of amazing!


Andrew Bell - Giver

I can't say enough of this shot of Andrew Bell's upcoming release Giver. I'm a complete sucker for orange.

UNKLBRAND Longboards

Boardeli Longboards and UNKLBRAND are about to release a collaborative set of decks and Tee's this Spring. The decks themselves will be limited to a low run of 4! Pre-sale to hit sometime in March.

Prototype / Toronto IDS


Custom Dunny : okedoki

Brilliant custom work via okedoki.