Mathilde Aubier

Inspiring work from this talented French Illustrator.

Who Are Ya Designs

Tee designs for Football (soccer) fans in the know, courtesy of Who Are Ya Designs.


the tourist 1, 2, & 3

I can't get enough of this image from Plastiko+.

Alex Wald

A little morning net surf lead me to this great portfolio for Chicago's Alex Wald.

Chrysler Concepts

Some new electric vehicle concepts unveiled by Chrysler over at the Detroit Auto Show. I have to say that Chrysler does a pretty bag up job when it comes to concepts, but for me the quality of it's production line vehicles are abit sketchy. Personal experience one too many times.

Nano : Worlds Cheapest Car

India's leading car manufacturer Tata Motors has presented what they refer to as The Peoples Car.

The Smart Car inspired Nano is being priced at 100,000 rupees (2,500 dollars). Why am I thinking this is a bad idea?

Boardeli Tee

A sneak peak at Boardeli Longboards first T-shirt release.

Citroen C.Cactus

Sweet little concept by Citroen.


NEW SKLLBUDS 1.5 and 1.6


Kulak Longboard

Great longboard design by Jeff Kulak for Boardeli. Only 100 made!

Ron English : Abject Expressionism

I really was on the fence about Ron English and his work until I had the pleasure of checking out some recent work in person. So of course I now feel inclined to plug this latest hardcover on him which is available here.

Simply put, the man kicks ass.

E v e n t

Munky King

The Rakes : 22 Grand Job

Happy monday via The Rakes!


Stencil Revolution

Get your Stencil Graffiti fix here.

Brendan Monroe : Borborygmi

I was pleasantly surprised to see this large scale piece from Brendan Monroe entitled Borborygmi which looks to be a direct take-off from one of his paintings. Via Richard Heller Gallery.

The Peacemaker

Finally took the plung and bought my first original piece from Kathie Olivas via Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal.


Upcoming Spring release from Indy outfit Dynomight. The hand drawn effect on the face is absolute quality.


New work from Chicago's Chad Kouri that simply rocks the shit.

Visighost Holiday Spirit

I can't get enough of this recently released piece from Super7.

Tavis Coburn

Solid, solid work from this talented Illustrator.


The Frames : Lay Me Down

I am quickly becoming a serious fan of this group.

Mario Wagner

Collage at it's best.

Custom Munny Sighting

Courtesy of Edmonton based Artist Steve-Dave.

Nissan Cube

Nissan's answer to the Element?

"Mongolian Death Worm" sculpture

Brilliant new piece from Motomichi Nakamura.


Coming Soon!

Bud of the Month

Munky King

Mario Sughi

This is some sweet work from Italian born / Dublin located Artist Mario Sughi.

Luke Chueh : Vinyl Frontier

Luke Chueh is easily one of my favorite contemporary Artists. This clip is from an upcoming documentary entitled Vinyl Frontier.

Element Custom

As an Element owner and fan, i'm always a sucker for customs.