Greg Gossel

More from this brilliant Artist here!



Fantastic work from Swedish illustrator Linn Olofsdotter.



The Bayonetts!!!

I feel like such a tool not getting on this band earlier as they hail from my own hometown of Edmonton. They're called The Bayonetts!! and i'm pretty sure they'll be ruling the world in due time. So be prepared.


Julien Pacaud

Brilliant collage work from the Paris based Artist.


Eastbound & Down

Funniest show on TV right now! A few nasty words in this careful!

Seasick Steve : Save me - 1 didley 'bo


Batman Sculpt

Have to say i'm seriously digging this Batman : Black & White sculpt by Kelley Jones / Ray Villafane. It's probably the extended 'ears' that are doing it for me.

Available here!


Some nice work from this San Fran talent.....
Hamburgerpanda is San Francisco-based illustrator Cindy Yep, whose online shop opened November 2008. Her prints feature animals in unusual, sometimes surreal tableaux, such as three bears encased in ice pops, a tiny pony in a jar, or her line of Seabots which imagine sea creatures as robots.



KIA : Soul

OK so to be honest here, i've never been a big fan of KIA. But for some reason i'm actually digging their 2009 release called SOUL. I'm thinking it's got to be the 'boxiness' that gets me every time.

The Last Supper

A pal just re-introduced me to the fantastic work of Brandon Bird. I'm still trying to figure out the RoboCop tie-in with this piece, but have no problem taking it for what it is.


Gran Torino : The Movie

Was able to check out the new Clint Eastwood 'vehicle' Gran Torino. Absolutely brilliant!

That's about the extent of my movie review skills.


The best way for me to describe Heather Knight's ceramics is 'other worldly'.

Beautiful work via

Junker Jane

I'm normally not a fan of plush art, but I have to admit I really dug these creations from Junker Jane. Great use of recycled material.

Betsy Walton

I'm officially in love with the work of Betsy Walton and think you should be too!


I love getting the odd e-mail from an Artist/Designer that i'm being exposed to for the first time. Case in point Hightempo.