Closes Hangar Lamp

OK, so it's not all about the World Cup today here as I just had to post this one.

The Closes Hangar Lamp by Hector Serrano for dutch outfit Droog Design is definitely an eye catcher. Created back in 2002, the piece is made of an Acrylic hangar and uses an 11 watt flourescent bulb thus allowing you to customize your lamp with a favorite shirt or whatever.

Of note, he has titled this on his site as Playboy. Not sure if it's the original title or what. Nonetheless, it's great.

If you do have a chance, be sure to check out Serrano's site. Some fantastic work to be found there.

via : apartment therapy-los angeles

Also available here.

FIFA World Cup

Well design's taking a back seat today for what else but the FIFA World Cup ,which begins today.

So as a football (soccer) junkie i'm gonna toss out some predictions.....

- opening match between Germany and Costa Rica, i'm calling it a 1-1 tie. (OK so my first prediction wasn't even close with a 4-2 win for Germany. Whaddya do?).

- my favorites to go furthest are England, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and maybe Italy who I seem to pull for every tournament. Alot will depend on Totti's fitness.
- darkhorse teams for me will be the Ukraine, Paraguay and Ivory Coast
- overall my heart says England due to their outstanding midfield which will easily make-up for a questionable striker roster. Bottom line it all comes down to Rooney being healthy which i'm not so sure about.
- Golden Boot will go to Brazil's Adriano or Shevchenko with Ukraine pending on his health.
- breakout performances...Frank Ribery (France) and Joe Cole (England).

Well there you go. All apologies for those looking for some design related topics, but hey...what's a blog for if you can't express yourself ?

Also of note, Cool Hunting has some great World Cup related postings and giveaways today. So check it.



For lovers of the ultra-simple and clean comes FOLD, the latest creation from Brooklyn designer Tim Wall (Square Root Studio) that was shown at this years ICFF.

"a pure form that functions as a stool and creates space for unexpected purpose. made from a single pattern, fold is easily manufactured. fold is lightweight, durable, and can be dressed up or down. as comfortable at a gourmet coffee shop as in an elegant lounge."

via : apartment therapy


LUCHA LIBRE embroidery

I cannot believe i'm posting on embroidery, but I have to admit I had a good howl when I came accross this pattern.

From Sublime Stitching comes the LUCHA LIBRE pattern which is sure to make your Grandma the coolest chick on the block.


Annie Owens

Available over at ouchclub are these fantastic hand-painted decks by co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine, Annie Owens .

Prices range from $200 to $400 a pop.

via : vinylpulse



Great customs by Sket One for the upcoming Subcultures show which opens today at Channel 1 in New Haven, CT from 6 to 9 PM.

More info at vinylpulse.

Valerydesignwrks 2006

Awhile back I posted a piece on Edmonton based illustrator, Valery Goulet.

Well she now has her 2006 collection (which turned out great) up on her site for all to check out and purchase.

Enjoy !

Just Because

Friday finally !

A buddy sent over this link that gave me a good howl.

A classic interview with Posh and Becks by Sasha Baron Cohen's alter ego, Ali G.

Enjoy !


KOZIK tequila

More images and info has come out for the upcoming release and sale of the Frank Kozik / Muttpop collaboration.

EL BRUJO NARCO SATANICO TEQUILA, which is slated for a June 6th date at Vinylpulse, will carry a $99.99 US (plus shipping) price tag. Also of note, the run for this guy will only be 333. Sale starts at 12pm Pacific.

I liked the original Tequila when it first came out, but never really bothered chasing one down. But I have to admit this Kozik edition turned out fantastic. It's amazing how pattern and color can alter a piece's feel.

Dans le salon de Rita

There isn't much I can say about this installation seeing the website is all in French. But from what I gather it is by a mutlidiciplinary design group named , RITA.

This piece entitled, Dans le salon de Rita, took place at this years Interior Design Show in Montreal.

I really enjoyed the layout presented here and to me was asked the question of what is most preffered, comfort or design ?

More info here.

Merci Valery !