FIFA World Cup

Well design's taking a back seat today for what else but the FIFA World Cup ,which begins today.

So as a football (soccer) junkie i'm gonna toss out some predictions.....

- opening match between Germany and Costa Rica, i'm calling it a 1-1 tie. (OK so my first prediction wasn't even close with a 4-2 win for Germany. Whaddya do?).

- my favorites to go furthest are England, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and maybe Italy who I seem to pull for every tournament. Alot will depend on Totti's fitness.
- darkhorse teams for me will be the Ukraine, Paraguay and Ivory Coast
- overall my heart says England due to their outstanding midfield which will easily make-up for a questionable striker roster. Bottom line it all comes down to Rooney being healthy which i'm not so sure about.
- Golden Boot will go to Brazil's Adriano or Shevchenko with Ukraine pending on his health.
- breakout performances...Frank Ribery (France) and Joe Cole (England).

Well there you go. All apologies for those looking for some design related topics, but hey...what's a blog for if you can't express yourself ?

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