mini King Kens !!

This weekend marks the official launch of the Mini King Kens......
STRANGEco is pleased to announce the King Ken Mini Series! Designed by famed illustrator and Designer Toy pioneer James Jarvis, the King Ken mini series features a collection of new four-inch versions of his popular King Ken character in six special color variants. The Mini King Ken series debuts worldwide on November 22, 2008!

Top 13 Kills in Horror Movies !!

Bloody Disgusting has posted their list of Top 13 Kills in Horror Movies! Have to say that Number 2 on their list was probably it for me, but I still get a kick out of the chainsaw scene from American Psycho.....

more HERD peaks !

New images for ITEM's upcoming exhibit HERD : rat-ATAT-ouille !

Cobra Commander for 2008 !!!!




Brilliant Tee designs from New Zealand's Glenn Jones.


Fulham Tee

As a Blues supporter i'm by no means a fan of Fulham. But I have to admit this is a fantastic Tee from Who Are Ya Designs.

The Giver of War: Dead Zebra Edition

Limited to a run of 100, this is one kick-ass release by Andrew Bell.

Japanese Spiderman

This is awesome on so many levels!!

Iron Man / Hulk Intros

Classic TV intros from the 60's that really are awful but beautiful at the same time!


BECK : Pay No Mind (Cover)

Sweet little cover of the Beck classic....



Anyone looking to hook onto some up and coming talent should give Squidnik some serious attention while his stuff is affordable.


Radiohead : Super Collider

I can't get enough of this live Radiohead performance of a new song called Super Collider. Kinda reminds me of something off of U2's underrated October album.



Some tight work via Brooklyn Design PAUL LOEBACH.


UNKLBRAND : Defcon Sugs

Fresh batch of SUG colorways available now at UNKLBRAND. Each is limited to a run of 250.


Custom Munny Alert !

You know i've seen tons of custom munnys in my day, but I have to give serious props to The Uncanny Orlow and this recently commissioned piece. The simplicity and execution is just sick.

More images posted over at DesignBOTs other home at Land+Living.


Chuck Norris Facts

Oh my did this link ever give me a howl!



These are brilliant and apparently now sold out!

No worries though...I did get mine. Thanks for the concern dedicated readers!

Eiffel Tower Addition

The Eiffel tower is about to get an extension to it's top floor courtesy of Serero Architects. According to their site....
Serero Architects unveils its design for the extension of the Eiffel Tower top floor. The project will extend the top floor plate of the tower by grafting a high performance carbon Kevlar structure on it. The structure will be temporarily bolted to the slab without requiring any modification of the existing structure. It will expand the usable floor area from 280 m2 to 580m2.

Cristal Shower Base

Sweet shower bases via Cristalquattro.

Morgan LIFECar

This is one bad-ass ride for any aspiring butler served Gentleman.


Kozik : Dr.Destruction

Images of Frank Kozik's upcoming Dr.Destruction take for Muttpop are now popping up online. Man oh man has this ever been a great collaborative series!


Andrew Bell Altars

Wicked sculptures standing at 30" in height from Andrew Bell's recent show entitled Burning Desire.


Love Monkey

Sweet street Graff courtesy of Art by Daan.



JUST release this past weekend over at Wunderland War.


Ten Bills T-Shirts

Brilliant line of Tee's at only $10 a pop via Ten Bills.

Boardeli Sneak Peak

A small peak into Boardeli's Summer release. Those that snag the UNKL release this weekend will be given first dibs when this new limited deck is released.


30 Days of Night

Got around to renting the 30 Days of Night DVD yesterday. I have to say that despite the mixed reviews, it really wasn't that bad at all. A definite weekender.

Toy Machine '08

I really can't say enough about these line of '08 decks from Toy Machine. The Jim Houser (far left) is a definite pick-up for me.


Yensen : Stormhammer

OK, so I have no clue about this release other than it's out of Chile. The only postings I found were in Spanish, so if anyone can help a brother out check here and here.


Fresh new design blog to check out.

UNKL Pre-sale

Pre-sale for the UNKL-Boardeli decks are happening March 1st at 4pm MST.

BUT there is a loophole if you are a member of the Kidrobot forum......


Kathie Olivas - Bittersweet

Kathie Olivas upcoming show at Gallery 1988 is shaping up to be quite the event. The online preview is nothing short of amazing!


Andrew Bell - Giver

I can't say enough of this shot of Andrew Bell's upcoming release Giver. I'm a complete sucker for orange.

UNKLBRAND Longboards

Boardeli Longboards and UNKLBRAND are about to release a collaborative set of decks and Tee's this Spring. The decks themselves will be limited to a low run of 4! Pre-sale to hit sometime in March.

Prototype / Toronto IDS


Custom Dunny : okedoki

Brilliant custom work via okedoki.


Mathilde Aubier

Inspiring work from this talented French Illustrator.

Who Are Ya Designs

Tee designs for Football (soccer) fans in the know, courtesy of Who Are Ya Designs.


the tourist 1, 2, & 3

I can't get enough of this image from Plastiko+.

Alex Wald

A little morning net surf lead me to this great portfolio for Chicago's Alex Wald.