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Well it's Friday and i'm thinking this is an appropriate sign-off for the weekend.

Enjoy !

Dalek - Violent Pacification report

Vinyl Abuse has a great write-up and collection of images from the recent opening of Dalek's 'Violent Pacification' exhibit which was his first major solo show in the UK.

Check it.

Joga Bonita

Nike and Google have teamed up to create Joga, an online 'invite only' community for football fans around the world.

The site coincides with Nike's latest ad campaign, Joga Bonita, which consists of a number of short videos showcasing the amazing talents of todays leading figures in football (soccer).

Hosted by ManU great Eric Cantona, the ads are clearly another form of mass marketing by Nike, BUT you have to appreciate the attention it directs on the purity of the game. It's definitely a nice reflief from all the talk of match fixing, high salaries and hooliganism that's been taking the spotlight lately.

You can also check out the clips here.




Android 8 is expanding it's portfolio with the addition of prints and t-shirts by flash animator/VJ Motomichi Nakamura.

Nakamura has created some great animated clips for clients such as MTV2 and Heyah that can be viewed over at his site.


TEE subscription

Why sign-up for a magazine subscription when you can go the route of a Tee Subscritption from UNKL brand.

1 design "issue" every month with a random color to add to the surprise over the course of 6 months.

Great idea.

UNKL Brand : HazMaPo Series B1

I'm a big fan of the work by UNKL brand and was pumped to finally see something new come accross my desk.

Landing May 1st is the brand new design, HazMaPo Series B1.

Follow Function

I recieved a heads up about a new online design store called Follow Function which was started up by design enthusiasts, Steven Schranz & Jeff Benzenberg.

Though the web is quite abundant with design outlets, these guys really do have a genuine passion for what they carry.

"We decided last summer that the world needed an online store where people could purchase some of the most well designed products in existence while reading about the stories behind the designs.

We started out by researching products that were award-winning, then we found products that were designed to ship easily, then products that were eye-catching, and eventually we found a small amount of products that were all three.

These are the products we represent, and we are very proud of them. But we are not just about selling products. We also want to educate the public on just how much hard work and talent goes into designing an everyday object like a stool.

We want our products to become conversation pieces in your home, and thus making them very functional pieces of art".

The store is quite new as it was officially open for business this month.

You can also check out Holly's posting on Follow Function over at DECOR8.

THAW deadline !!!

Just a little reminder that the deadline to submit to the upcoming THAW 2006 Contemporary Furniture Design Exhibit is fast approaching.

The show which is presented by The Works Visual Arts Society and IDEA has the entry Deadline set for April 1st.

For more info on THAW, you can check it here and here.


If you get a chance, be sure to check out Federico Lopez Picasso's site called fpdesign.

The light fixtures he has on display are pretty raw in it's use of material and overall presentation which really makes the work quite appealing and unique. A nice change from all the "shiny" stuff that's out there.

Also a quick thanx to Federico for posting a link to dB.

more Clocks

Artist Rob Buttery has just released his second wave of clock faces over at Collectiv that now come in various sizes.

You can check out my earlier post of the first run of faces here.


Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne

Checking out the graffiti scene in Australia is the new hardcover, Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne by graphic designers Jake Smallman and Carl Nyman.

It's a pretty extensive look at the work being produced in the streets down under with over 500 full colour images to get the point accross.

"Through intimate interviews, dynamic layouts and a riot of examples the artists are shown in the context of world street art culture.
Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne is the first book to explore the city's thought provoking, visually rich stencil graffiti scene."

You can check out a full review over at Netdiver.


Design Your Ride

'Design Your Ride',the Monson and Kasei Snowboard design contest recently announced the winners which will have their designs printed and sold as high-end limited edition snowboards.

You can check out the shortlisted designs at their site, as well as all submitted entries.

I've posted a few here that caught my eye.


How's about we start the week off with a little OKgo!

Fantastic choreography on this one...enjoy.



Magic Pony presents

Work by Eric Quebral & Chuck Anderson

Eric Quebral and Chuck Anderson present Woodchuck. Based on both natural environments, manmade iconography and visuals from around the world, Eric's wood work together with Chuck Anderson's vibrant colors creates a beautiful juxtaposition of aesthetics.

On exhibit from April 14 -23 2006.

For more info go here.


david beihoff

Some nice stuff from design student David Beihoff that was posted over at design*sponge this morning.

"Drawing on a background in architecture and social psychology, I am currently concluding a graduate degree in Human Centered Product Design at the Institute of Design in Chicago. My work focuses on creating value for the end user through innovative and engaging products."

You can check out the rest of David's portfolio and get more info here.


By now i'm sure you've come accross the GummiLights by Manhattan based studio JELLIO on a few of the blogs out there, but if you get a chance you have to check out their site. It gave me an instant memory flash back to my elementary days of cheap squirt guns and gliders.

"Jellio is about combining childhood fun with interior design. It's placing a few memories in your home, in a very unique way. Look at these pieces as a reflection of your sense of humor, and a great way to keep your memories close all throughout the day.
Bottom line...we make things that make you smile!"

The fact that they throw the word 'FUN' back in design is enough for me.


Todd McFarlane : A retrospective

MoCCA (The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) is hosting a retrospective exhibit showcasing Todd McFarlane's art and career ranging from his early High School days to his current stranglehold on todays comic world.

The online site has an ever evolving library of sample images that show how McFarlane's skills and style developed over the years.

The exhibit runs from February 25 through May 1, 2006, in New York.

Well worth a look.

Bathroom Mania

Holly at Decor8 passed along these images from design production firm Bathroom Mania who produce sanitary products by Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel.

It's just one of those things that will either offend you or give you a good chuckle. I'm definitely with the latter.


Editors - Munich

Ah hell, why post just one video ?

Editors - Blood

How's about a nice video to kick off a lame-ass Tuesday ?

Enjoy !


Just Because

YYY's : Show Your Bones

Though it's not released until March 28th, you can hear the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album, Show Your Bones, in it's entirety here.


All ready underway, the International Asian American Film Festival is the largest annual exhibition event in North America dedicated to showcasing the best in Asian American and Asian cinema.

Taking place from March 16th-26th, the event will screen over 130 films over 11 days in San Fransisco, Berkeley and San Jose.