Buff Monster

Street artist Buff Monster has a great site chock full of graffit eye candy including this 80 ft mural for cellphone company Helio.

"Los Angeles has long been associated with glamour, glitz, image and unreality. It has always been undeniably glossy and shallow. Reality, of course, remains easily accessible. The Buff Monster hails from the inhospitable streets of Los Angeles. Small and elusive, it thrives in a city with a historic graffiti problem. The Monster manifest itself in different forms, each working towards the same goal of graffiti eradication. Buff Monster has evolved from using flattened spray cans nailed to telephone poles, to primarily using big gray boxes situated throughout the city. On rare occasions you might also find the monster standing even taller than you do. And sometimes the Monster gets invited in from the streets. Galleries provide good temporary homes for the monster. The monster takes old rusty metal and splatters it with layers of fluorescent and metallic paint. From the candy- coated surfaces, oozing landscapes emerge. Pink is power in the land of the Buff Monster".