Where the hell was this thing when I had to share my 500 square foot apartment with a yappy siamese named Dave ?

From Portland designers, Compressed Pattern, comes a new solution to the battle between the unsightly litterbox and your decorative needs that they've simply titled Kattbank.

"Kattbank™ is handcrafted in Oregon out of hardwood plywood, available
in a range of finishes, including wood veneers and color lacquers.
European hardware offers soft-close lid support to open and close
without slamming. It is available in 48 and 60 inch lengths, with
removable and adjustable interior dividers. A plastic floor grate
cleans cat's paws, and is removable for cleaning. The interior is
sealed with production quality lacquer to repel odor absorption."

The inspiration for Kattabank came from designers Travis Weedman and Arielle Glade's time spent sharing a small space with their feline roomates, Josie and Nelson. They came accross the same problem as any other apartment dwelling cat owner goes through, where to put that damn box.

Nice solution.