Fiona Apple : Extraordinatry Machine

Don't be fooled by the sweetness of the opening title track to Fiona Apple's third release 'Extraordinary Machine'. This is a brutally confident, strong woman behind the 'aw shucks' feel in this gem of a lead off.

Not straying to far (thankfully) from 1999's 'When the pawn breaks...', Fiona shows us just why she may very well be one of the most underated female acts out there today. Her smokey vocals and lyrical assertiveness carry well from track to track. Numbers like the layed back feel of 'O'Sailor' and the sweet 'Parting Gift' makes you sit back and take in Apple's mature vocals. As with her previous efforts, this is a piano driven album that Tori Amos only wishes she can still muster. Not much 'twinkling' of the keys here as Fiona beats the ivory with authority. Again the confidence comes through here.

The album is quite simple and has a very clean production, but that doesn't mean you'll get it on the first listen. This one will take time to gain your trust and expose itself for what it is.....amazing.

4 / 5