Editors : The Back Room

One can easily dismiss this act as yet another band imitating Interpol imitating Joy Division. But the thing that stands out with these lads from Birmingham is the soul and dare I say, optimism ? Even with the urgency of tracks like 'Lights', it tends to leave you to believe that there's a light at the end of this dreary tunnel. Which there is by the way.

The debut UK single 'Bullets' easily dismisses the Joy Division / Interpol formula. It's the accomidating guitar line that for a brief moment fools you into thinking your listening to a b-side from U2's BOY release. Again a sign that there's soul in this goth heart. But in the end 'Munich' will be the one to seep it's way into your head with it's repetitive chorus and Edge-esque rift that just will not go away. Thankfully.

Editors are clearly a band on the rise and have created such a stir in the UK as well as landing an opening slot in Franz Ferdinands current European tour. All this without having The Back Room released in North America yet, but worth the effort and cash for an import.

4.5 / 5